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White heterosexual male viewpoint

I'm struck by the similarities between Ben Peek and Clive James. There is a certain physical similarity, a similar background in Sydney and both are too smart for their own good. Both have written autobiographies where truth becomes a slippery concept. In James' case he described it as "unreliable memoir". For Ben Peek, it is less and more than that and it is called twenty-six lies/one truth. A series of dictionary like entries derived from a blog meme. It tells a personal story, an autobiography and plays with the concepts of truth in literature. I really wish I had one of those "I hate Ben Peek" buttons. That way when people ask why I am wearing it, I can say that I don't hate his work at all and that you should be read it. To tell you the truth, I am a little surprised that I feel that way, but there you go.

Edit: I have found one reason to hate him though. I went to put the book away on the shelves where I file other work by Australasian authors only to find that the form factor of the book is such that it does not fit on the shelf. Bastard!
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