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08:54 pm: Tiiiimber
Before today, the trees on my property had branches scraping the side of the house, branches blocking paths, branches blocking the view, branches getting in the gutters and so forth. Now they do not and I have about a cubic metre of chipped branches spread over my "garden". I regard that as a good days work.

I also finished reading The Well of Stars by Robert Reed. That required quite a bit of work too. There was a lot of very good writing in this book. Each individual sentence was well crafted, characters were described in some detail (if not very engagingly), there was a bit of good quality science woven well into the story and the plot was well structured. The thing is, it was just so damn slow paced. It seemed to take forever for anything to happen - enough to take the gloss of something that was otherwise a pretty well done piece of work. Note that it is a sequel to Marrow which suffered from the same flaw. Actually I think that The Well of Stars is probably a better book than Marrow - it just seems better organised. No doubt there will be a third volume - the prospect interests me but does not elevate my pulse.

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